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Premium C57 18W High Power PD+QC3.0 Fast Charger With US Plug - White

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The product adopts original terminal head, which perfectly integrates PD fast charging protocol, 3A high current, 18W high power, realizing the officially claimed 30-minute 50% charging, saving half of the time of 5W slow charging. It is an essential accessory for Apple users to experience fast charging. Not only fully support 18W fast charge, but also use flame retardant PC material, charging is safe and reliable. Use the PD cable set to get more efficiency, let Apple devices charge faster with this power adapter!

  • PC flame retardant material.
  • Fast charging, high output power.
  • Perfect for USB-C, USB-A, support Q3C3.0 fast charging protocol.
  • European Standard Pins.
  • Simultaneous output of dual port: 5V/3.1A.
  • USB C charger features a foldable plug for convenience and portability. Handy for home, office, and on-the-go charging.


Product Type: Power Adapter.
Charger PD+QC3.0 Charger.
Output: USB-C: 18W (PD), USB-A: 18W (QC).
Size: 73x53x45mm.
Weight: 55g.
Color: White.
SKU: 205855.
PART: 205855.
UPC: 8905148266597.


Compatible with all USB Type C devices.

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