LED Pocket Lamp Creative Ultrathin Card Light (Random Color Delivery)

LED Pocket Lamp Creative Ultrathin Card Light (Random Color Delivery)

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It is very convenient act as the illumination supplied by lights when you are camping. Pocket Credit Card Wallet Light BulbBetter than a little flashlight on your keychain, this tiny light fits inside a wallet. The same size as a credit card, only thicker, the bulb portion flips up for instant light on its own little stand. This LED pocket light is very compact and as small as a credit card. No wiring is needed.and all batteries included.



  • Ultrathin card style, creative and stylish. 
  • Mini size, you can carry it with your pocket.  
  • Used as emergency light or decorative light. 
  • 7 colors in appearance: red, white, yellow, black, blue, green and pink, 2 light colors: black or yellow, both the apperance and the light are random color deliveried.
  • Light Color: White Light.
  • Product Size: 81 * 53 * 3 mm. 
  • Weight: 14g.
  • Pack of: 2.
  • Package Weight: One Package Weight - 0.03kgs / 0.07lb.
Note: Random Color Delivery.

UPC: 8907940489617

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