AMZER Silicone Skin Jelly Earphone Case for AirPod Pro

AMZER Silicone Skin Jelly Earphone Case for AirPod Pro

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The AMZER Silicone Skin Jelly Case is made out of 100% premium silicone and is a great, light-weight option for protecting and carrying your Apple AirPod Pro Charging Case. The durable silicone absorbs any shock your device may receive from any accidental drops or bumps, keeping it just like new. Charging is as easy as ever with a precise lightning cable cutout. The textured silicone to the sides ensures a lasting grip on your case, while the Lanyard(not included) keeps your AirPods close to your heart. The Jelly Case is truly like a second skin and a must have accessory!

  • Silicone skin case for your Apple AirPod Pro Case.
  • Will not slide off or become loose.
  • Textured silicone sides allow greater grip.
  • Charge via lightning cable without removing the case.
  • Perfect and seamless fit over AirPod case.
Product Type: Silicone Skin Case.
Manufacturer: AMZER.
Weight: 10g.
Size: 6.1x2.5x4.5cm.


SKU: 205963 - Black
PART: AMZ205963
UPC: 8905148318937

SKU: 205964 - Dark Blue
PART: AMZ205964
UPC: 8905148318944

SKU: 205965 - Pink
PART: AMZ205965
UPC: 8905148318951

SKU: 205966 - Red
PART: AMZ205966
UPC: 8905148318968

SKU: 205967 - White
PART: AMZ205967
UPC: 8905148318975

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