AMZER Flip Leather Case (Standard Battery) for Axim X50V - Black - amzer

AMZER Flip Leather Case (Standard Battery) for Axim X50V - Black

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Carry and protect your Dell Axim from dirt and scratching in style with this Leather Flip Case. Made of fine-grain leathers, the wallets form-fitting pocket secures your handheld while providing slots for such items as your business and credit cards. Travels easily with removable 360° degree belt clip and secure with front magnetic closures. Color - Black.


AMZER Product Review:

Overview: The AMZER Leather Flip Type Case for the  Axim X50/X50V  combines great looks, protection, and storage for your Axim X50/X50V; a great all-in-on package.

Durability: This leather case combines some very nice looks with some great protection. The leather case stood up exceptionally well to keys and other scrapes, but cuts and slices are going to show if they are large or deep.

The parts of the case itself are very durable and there isnt much in the way of moving parts except for the belt clip, which is just a simple ratchet along some holes on the knob attached to the back of the case. The belt clip in general is very sturdy; typically I dont like a lot of plastic on my belt clips due to tension problems, but this one escapes the common pitfall by having no actual hinges, just a curved piece of resistant metal that snaps back into place by itself.

As far as the actual case goes, the only part that might be troublesome for a flip case is the buckle, and this one gets around it by using a simple magnet design that was just strong enough to hold the case closed without causing the case damage or causing you a hassle while opening it.

Design/Functionality: What is great about this flip case isnt just the belt clip or the protection for your Axim X50/X50V, but the storage as well. Most flip cases dont do anything special with the flip lid, but AMZER has, giving you some storage along with protection in this case. In addition to two credit card/ID card sized slots, you additionally have a slot for a regular and a microSD card.

In addition to providing great, non-obstructed accessibility to all of your Axim X50/X50Vs features, it also has a built-in screen protector for one last layer of protection to round things out.

Conclusion: This is a great looking case that manages to skate past the common case pitfalls while providing great protection and versatility. If the belt clip could be slightly improved, it would be perfect.


  • Comfort, style and slim rolled into one!
  • This case is made of premium full grain leather and black stitching finish.
  • No need to remove from case for charge your Axim X50/X50V.
  • Perfect tailored Fit for Axim X50/X50V.
  • Allow you to access all side controls.
  • Great and solid protection for your new Axim X50/X50V.
  • Suitable for professional and casual attire.
  • Full screen visibility once you open it.


  • Type: Flip type.
  • Material: Premium leather.
  • Manufactured by: AMZER.
  • Color: Black.

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