AMZER Kristal Mirror Screen Protector for LG Arena GT950

AMZER Kristal Mirror Screen Protector for LG Arena GT950

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The LG Arena GT950 Mirror Screen Protector is a great way to keep your LG Arena GT950's screen scratch-free and brilliant! Made of a thermo-plastic polymer, the Mirror Screen Protector protects your LG Arena GT950’s screen from scratches and dust. The Mirror Screen Protector comes with a soft cleaning cloth, allowing you to remove dust or debris from your screen before applying the Screen Protector. The Mirror Screen Protector uses a static-adhesive that will not leave a residue when removed, and makes installation error-proof. A unique feature that separates this screen guard from others is that the screen is designed to double as a mirror. This Mirror Screen Protector reflects just like a regular mirror when the screen is turned off and displays your screen when turned on. Perfect for discreetly checking your appearance or for subtly looking over your shoulder!


LG Arena GT950

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