Amzer 18 Inch Universal Aluminum Gooseneck Floor Mount

Amzer 18 Inch Universal Aluminum Gooseneck Floor Mount

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This is no ordinary Gooseneck Car Mount, this is a reinforced Aluminum Gooseneck which mounts to your vehicle's floor or is bolted to your passenger’s seat floor board. It’s still as flexible as a non-aluminum gooseneck mount and is ideal for use for those who operate heavy machinery. Simply place your mobile phone into the Universal Cradle and then attach to the Aluminum Gooseneck. No drilling is required; simply use the included bolts for a secure hold. The Gooseneck measures 18” and is easily manipulated to your choice of viewing positions. The universal cradle features cushioned side grip technology and a push button release. The adjustable side arms expand from 2 in. to 3.25 in. conveniently accommodating most smart phones or MP3 players. The depth of the cradle bed is .75 in. and the length of the cradle bed is 3.25 in. Cushioned and adjustable feet help your device stay put. Safety first……With Amzer’s 18” Aluminum Gooseneck Floor Mount.
Note: Will accommodate devices with protective cases on.




  • Pliable, portable and stylish AMZER gooseneck floor mount for your device!
  • Compatible with most vehicles available in the market today!
  • Adjusts to accommodate a variety of viewing positions.
  • Easily transferred from one vehicle to another but tools required.
  • No drilling required - install using the passenger side seat bolt.
  • Connects to an existing bolt in the vehicle.


  • Type: Gooseneck floor mount
  • 18” steel gooseneck
  • Flexible steel shaft with plastic tubing
  • Floor / console bracket
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • Rotatable knob
  • Custom cradle
  • Screws
  • Plastic caps
  • Manufacturer: AMZER


  • Tools required for installation.
  • AMZER is not responsible for any damages caused to your car or yourself due to the installation.
  • For a more permanent mount, connect the Floor / Console Mount Bracket to the floor or console. This will require drilling into your vehicle’s interior surface.

Click on PDF for User Manual

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