Selfie Sticks Tripod Mount Phone Clamp With 1/4 inch Screw Hole - Black

Selfie Sticks Tripod Mount Phone Clamp With 1/4 inch Screw Hole - Black

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This mobile phone holder will help you make the cell phone more stable and safer. Made from premium quality plastic and soft rubber for extended durability and protection. Features tripod screws on both sides, a soft foam bumper, stretchable rubber arms and protective rubber lips. It's compatible with various android, windows, blackberry and apple smart phones and extremely easy to use and super convenient to setup.



  • Made of high quality sponge rubber protective and plastic body, durable and appropriate protection of mobile phone. 
  • Base and back each has a 1/4 inch screw holes,can connect to 1/4 inch screw of any device. 
  • Sponge and rubber mat protect mobile phone from scratch. 
  • This is a mobile phone accessory, apply to selfie stick, tripod mount, monopod and more. 
  • Clamp range: 5cm to 8.5cm, almost can clip all the mobile phones. 
  • Perfect for taking selfies and recording videos hands free.
  • Material: ABS, Rubber.
  • Clamp Base Range: 5cm*8.5cm .
  • Max Length: 7.2*3.6*2.5cm. 
  • Weight: 28g.
  • Color: Black.
  • Package Weight: One Package Weight - 0.04kgs / 0.09lb.


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