Amzer® Leopard Print Sleeve with Ribbon Pull-Out

Amzer® Leopard Print Sleeve with Ribbon Pull-Out

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Slide you mobile phone into Amzer’s Leopard Print Sleeve for a little stylish safeguard. The fashion forward design is transferred onto the sleeve via a photo emulsion process for accuracy and originality, making it a truly unique product. The interior of the case is lined with felt, which helps protect your device and your screen while keeping it smudge free and dust free. And the convenient ribbon pullout extracts your device in a snap, placing it in the palm of your hand and ready for action! At 2.625 x 4.5 inches, this sleeve is perfect for your pocket or purse.



• Stop worrying about scratching your new phone by getting this excellent AMZER Leopard Print Sleeve today!
• This high quality AMZER sleeve protects and neatly stores your device everyday.
• Phone cannot be used or charged while inside this case while protecting from bumps and scratches.
• Slim, Sleek, and strong this sleeve case gives you full protection.
• Easy of use this case is very comfortable.
• It can be stored perfectly in your pocket or your purse.


• Type: Sleeve.
• Sleeve with photo emulsion.
• Dimensions: 2.625 W x 4.25 H.
• Color: Leopard Print.
• Manufacturer: AMZER.

HTC Shadow
HTC Nexus One
HTC Legend
HTC Fuze
HTC DROID Incredible PB31200
Google Nexus One PB99100
BlackBerry Pearl 9105
Blackberry Pearl 9100
BlackBerry Pearl
BlackBerry 8100

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