AMZER® Rugged Leather Holster w/Belt Clip - Black for BlackBerry 7105t - amzer

AMZER® Rugged Leather Holster w/Belt Clip - Black for BlackBerry 7105t

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This rugged holster protects your BlackBerry since it is made with a durable leather frame and a fastener that uses four heavy-duty snaps to lock your device in place. It is the ideal belt holster for public safety officers, field service personnel, military personnel, and other active individuals who carry their BlackBerry in harsh environments or unpredictable circumstances. The rugged holster gives peace of mind against loss or breakage and will help you keep your BlackBerry with you when it is needed most. This is a versatile holster that can accommodate handhelds with extended batteries and push-to-talk handhelds with external antennas. In this case includes 2 interchangeable belt options which attach securely to the holster by a metal twist and turn locking mechanism: 2" Wide belt loop attachment along with 2 heavy duty secure snaps and a metal belt clip attachment. Note: Inner dimension of case - 5 x 2.5 x 1 inch and Outer dimension of case - 5.25 x 2.5 x 1.5.


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BlackBerry Curve 9370
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9350
BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry 7130v
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BlackBerry 7105t

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