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AMZER® Travel Wall Charger for Nokia 6305i

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This great accessory for your Nokia allows you to easily operate and charge your phone. Provides power to your phone using an AC outlet. Utilizes switching circuitry for optimum battery performance. It simply plugs into your hand-held cell phone and an AC outlet, providing unlimited standby and talk time. Fully charges NiCd, NiMh, and Li-Ion batteries. Red indicator light lets you know when device is charging.



  • This compact and lightweight charger offers multi-voltage operation (110/240 vac) and low standby power consumption.
  • This 110-120 volt AC standard Nokia travel charger does not operate your Nokia phone on a dead battery.
  • It needs a small charge first before using it with your phone.
  • Get the best performance out of your Nokia phone by using original Nokia batteries, chargers, and desktop stands.
  • This Home Charger will charge your cell phone almost anywhere, when you travel or just to the office.
  • This travel charger is compact and lightweight and can be used wherever there is an outlet.
  • Our home and travel chargers have smart technology by using an I/C chip, which prevents any overcharging.
  • Once a battery is fully charged, the travel charger automatically switches to stand-by mode.


  • Product Type: Travel Charger.
  • Compact and lightweight travel charger.
  • Multivoltage operation (110/240 vac).
  • Output Voltage: 5 V.
  • Low standby power consumption.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.
  • Color: Black.

Nokia 6305i

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